Natural Monuments

One of Aizu district’s “Five Famous Cherry Trees” or “Aizu no Gozakura,” the “Oshika Zakura” (elk cherry tree), a multi-petal variety of the satozakura cherry tree, is seen on the left side of Iwahashi-jinja Shrine’s main building. “Mine no O-ishi” (great rock of Mine) a big mass of pyroxene andesite originally from Mt. Bandai’s crater that got separated during the great eruption of 1888. Also, the Tatsuzawa hamlet, the “Gods’ Forest” and “Tatsuzawa Virgin Forest” which, according to the legend, must never be lumbered, features the “Ohara Kannon Pine,” a pine tree presumed to be 300 years old with a height of 29 m (95 ft) and a chest-level circumference of 4.2 m (13.7 ft). Nestled in the heart of the Otaki mountain range towering over the northeast side of Lake Inawashiro and near the forest of the Tatsuzawa Oyamazumi Shrine is a mountain village community with a long wood-turning tradition.