Yokomuki Onsen

A health resort with a long history; its water comes from Iwayumi-gawa River, which springs from Mt. Kimen-zan in the north part of the Adatara mountain range.


Numajiri Onsen

A spring gushing out from the site of the old Numajiri mine, upstream from Shiraito no Taki waterfall and going down through wooden tubes. Well known also is the mountain hot spring next to the ski area.


Nakanosawa Onsen

An acidic sulfur spring flowing from the mountain to the ryokans’ bathtubs.


Kawakami Onsen

A small onsen between Inawashiro and the Bandai Plateau (Urabandai); it is characteristic of the area’s relatively low-temperature springs.


Other hot springs worth considering

Other hot springs worth considering are Ottate Onsen, Bandai Takara Onsen, Bandai Onsen, Bandai Sanroku Onsen, Tenkyudai Onse, Omotebandai Onsen, Inawashiro Onsen, Nishikubo Onsen, Nishinozawa Onsen, Inawashiro Shidahama Onsen, and Inawashiro Alcali Onsen; covering a variety of locations in the lush nature at or around the foot of Mt. Bandai, they offer a broad spectrum of onsen experiences.